Dartmouth Middle School

Address:  5575 Dartmouth Drive, San Jose, CA  95118

Permitted Field Area: The permitted area at Dartmouth Middle School (not including the track area) is as shown in the map below. On the field, you can estimate this area by drawing a line from the edge of the basketball court towards the West side of the field, and by drawing a line from the western edge of the enclosed porta potty area toward the large baseball field, and parallel to the school blacktop. These lines are shown below in black. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Soccer players are not allowed outside of this area. It is most important to stay away from the northern edge, where the older kids playing baseball can easily hit a ball to the edge of the permitted area.

Parking: There is absolutely NO driving or parking of cars on the dirt area near the track (not pictured in the image below) or onto the black top. Parking here will put AVYSL's permit at risk, potentially ending the season for those players who use Dartmouth for practice and games. Please DON'T be the parent who chooses to ignore the rules! Please help the league by reminding each other not to park there!

Parking is allowed in the school parking lot or along the shoulder of Blossom Hill Road. There is a zero tolerance policy at this school for parking on the dirt or blacktop down the side of the track field or near/on the basketball courts. You will see cars parked there, but they are typically school employees and teachers. There is a no parking sign at the gate entrance to this area.

Toilets: There is an AVYSL Porta Potty located along the fence next to Blossom Hill Road. Do not use the school's restrooms or ask a school employee to open up school facilities. If you have any questions on the porta potty, please ask your coach or team manager.

Field Map:



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