Almaden Lake Redevelopment

Soccer Fields at Almaden Lake?

It’s possible!  Check out the latest blog by the Santa Clara Valley Water District on the redevelopment of Almaden Lake:


Have an opinion on the matter? Express yourself!

Participate in a brief survey, sponsored by Councilman Khamis’ office



Letter to league families from AVYSL Board of Directors:  April, 2013

Dear AVYSL and Almaden FC families,
Today, we ask for your help securing soccer fields for our children.
The San Jose Water District is currently looking at feasible redevelopment alternatives for the 32-acre site that is currently known as Almaden Lake.  Initially a groundwater recharge facility, the water district opened Almaden Lake for public use back in 1982.  Unfortunately, the water quality is now highly contaminated minimizing its use as a public park.
The AVYSL board has been working closely with both the SJ Water District and City Councilman Khamis’ office to propose responsible land development of this area to support multi-sport activities, including soccer.
With the number of youth sports in the area, fields are limited and at a premium.  Responsible development of the Almaden Lake are would open up incredible opportunities for our community and, we hope, our soccer organization.
As they consider redevelopment proposals for this land, they are seeking community input.
We invite you to:
1)    Educate yourself with the Almaden Lake project by visiting both:    http://www.valleywater.org/EkContent.aspx?id=8115&terms=Almaden
2)    Complete a brief, 9-question, one-page survey, being conducted by Councilman Khamis’ office: 
The AVYSL Board would ask you to consider the following when responding to two key questions in the survey:
·       Question #7 allows you to rank your preference of options.  We have evaluated and taken a stance on a preferred ranking as:
    1:  Concept 5 – Channel with open space
    2:  Concept 2 – Channel with west lake and open space
    3:  Concept 4 – Channel with east lake and open space
    4:  Concept 1 – Channel with east and west lakes
·       Question #9 is a good opportunity for residents to communicate preferences for “grass fields with sports & soccer facilities”
Thank you for your consideration of the above, and however you choose to participate, we hope you all take a moment to educate yourself on a key initiative here in our very own Almaden Valley.
AVYSL Board of Directors

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