Parking Monitor Description


What is a Parking Monitor?

A Parking Monitor is intended to be a visible "presence" at the field site so that all soccer families will know that the league is observing traffic/parking behavior to ensure that we are good field site users.  The Parking Monitor will wear a vest, manage the placement of "no parking" signs as needed and complete the Parking Monitor form.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes -please wear weather appropriate clothes, bring a pen, and a time telling device. We highly recommend bringing water, comfortable shoes, and a sun hat.

What do I do when I get there?

The Parking Monitor should arrive on time, collect Parking Monitor(PM) gear from the field’s lock box (or previous PM), place any “No Parking” signs according to the provided field map, observe parking/traffic at site and collect information per the Parking Monitor Form (provided in lock box), complete designated shift, store PM gear (or hand it off to the next PM), then drop off the form to one of our 2 drop off addresses to receive credit for service(details provided on form).

In addition to observing parking/traffic, please use the provided field map to help guide those soccer families that may be having a difficult time finding appropriate parking to acceptable parking areas. 


What if it’s Raining?

Rain alone does not cancel the game. Games can be played in the rain, and PMs are expected to complete their shifts in any weather condition where the games are still being played. AVYSL does have a process for cancelling games due to field conditions and extreme weather. Click here to check current field status. 

What’s in the Lock Box?

There will be a PM vest(keep in mind that neon is back in style), PM form, a field map and contact sheet for your reference at each site.  If there is a need for medical or police presence, the emergency and non-emergency contact numbers are included on the contact list, and please also contact the AVYSL President or Vice President immediately if medical or police assistance is requested. 

The form will ask you to observe and note parking/traffic behavior for the games. You can view the form by clicking here.

Note: The Parking Monitor is not expected to confront anyone should inappropriate behavior occur, but should provide as much information as possible on the form so the League can track recurring problem behavior. 


Thank you for your service to our league. We are hopeful that using Parking Monitors will help AVYSL curb parking/traffic problems at our field sites so that we can continue to obtain the field use permits we need to ensure a successful soccer program.


Almaden Elementary Field Map 

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