No-shows and Rescheduling

Because AVYSL is run largely by volunteers, each family’s service is instrumental in ensuring a fun and successful soccer experience for Almaden youth.  We count on volunteers to show up and perform their duties responsibly.  When they do not the program, and more importantly, the kids suffer.   In fairness to the families of over 2,500 players who show up and do their part to ensure a wonderful season, the following is our policy regarding No Shows and Rescheduling of Service.

If your schedule changes and you need to reschedule your service, send an email to avysl_registrar@almadensoccer.org as soon as possible.

Rescheduling your volunteer service is at the discretion of the league Volunteer Coordinator. This depends largely on our ability to find a replacement to fill your slot. 

If a family does not show up for their volunteer service, they will be marked as a NO SHOW.  Two NO SHOWS will put you on our "DO NOT RESCHEDULE" list and it will become difficult to fulfill your family volunteer obligation. 

REMINDER - If a family does not fulfill its volunteer obligation and has not paid the buy-out, they will be charged the $50 buy-out and next season’s buy-out fee, in advance, at the next registration.



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