2014 AVYSL Volunteer Policy

 Thank you, Volunteers!

Because AVYSL is run largely by the support of volunteers, each family’s service is instrumental in ensuring a fun and successful soccer experience for Almaden youth.  

Every family is required to perform a minimum of 4 hours of league-designated volunteer service if they have at least one child participating in one of these programs: Fall Recreation, Spring 4v4 Microsoccer, Almaden FC or Competitive.  Alternatively, families may pay a $50 buy-out fee. The volunteer requirement is per family per calendar year.

If a family does not fulfill its volunteer obligation and has not paid the buy-out, they will be charged the $50 buy-out and next season’s buy-out fee, in advance, at the next registration.

Our volunteer requirement can be met by performing a special role, or by performing work shifts as a league Hourly Volunteer.  The following roles (and only these roles) will satisfy the league’s volunteer requirement for the season:


Board Member or Board Appointed League Role: 

  • AVYSL Board Member (voting and non-voting)
  • Fall Recreation Season Age Group Coordinator (12 positions)
  • League Seasonal Assistant (5-6 positions)

League-designated Team Role:

·         Almaden FC Assistant Coach (rostered coaches only)

·         Almaden FC Team Manager (one per team)

·         Almaden FC Assistant Team Manager (one per team)

·         Fall Recreation Season Head Coach or Assistant Coach (league approved coaches only)

·         Fall Recreation Season Team Manager (one per team, U8 and older)

·         Spring Microsoccer Head Coach or Assistant Coach (league approved coaches only) 


In addition to satisfying your family’s volunteer requirement, performing the above roles may also give your child priority for placement.  Click on the volunteer role titles for specific benefits and details.



Host to an AVYSL Trainer:

During the Spring and Fall seasons, AVYSL brings in some professional trainers, typically from the UK, to work with the players.  These trainers are here for a short period of time, so we ask local families to host them for a 2-week (or more) period.  Hosting a trainer for 2 weeks will satisfy your family’s volunteer requirement for the year.  For more information, click on the Host a Trainer link on the left.

Hourly Volunteer:

If you are not selected for one of these roles, you must meet your volunteer requirement by performing shifts as an Hourly Volunteer.  All league volunteer shifts will be posted on the i-Volunteer online sign up tool, and will be filled first-come first-served.  These shifts will usually be in 2-hour increments, and therefore you must complete 2 shifts to satisfy your family’s requirement.  Only shifts that are posted on the i-Volunteer website will qualify as league service counted towards your volunteer requirement.  Examples of Hourly Volunteer shifts include, but are not limited to the following:

  •  Field creation – assisting Field Director with initial lining of fields prior to the beginning of each season
  • < Field re-lining – re-lining fields during the season (may be responsible for more than one field)
  • Photo Day – assisting at the league Photo Day during Spring or Fall season
  • Tournaments – assisting at AVYSL hosted tournaments
  • Field Marshal – monitoring games during the Fall Recreation season
  • Parking Monitor - monitoring parking/traffic behavior at field sites
  • League competitive tryouts – assisting at the annual open tryouts for Tiered teams
  • Season opening/closing activities – assisting with various opening and closing activities such as equipment distribution and collection, meeting coordination, goal assembly, etc.


The selection of volunteer activities during online registration indicates only that you are offering to or are interested in performing that type of volunteer service, not that you are ‘confirmed’ for that activity.  ALL volunteer services must be confirmed in advance through an appropriate AVYSL Board Member in order to receive volunteer credit.  Volunteer buy-out fees are non-refundable unless you pay the buy-out fee during registration then later are approved in a Board appointed role or a League-designated team role. 





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